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Q: Why should I incorporate Wheelhouse Pilates into my weekly schedule and fitness routine?


WHEELHOUSE PILATES is a safe and nurturing environment where we truly love our clients and search for the best for them and in them. Our goal is to balance and restore the body so that you can lead your best life possible. Combined we have experienced teachers with countless hours in educational training to share our passion for those who want to learn.

Whether you are an young athlete, stay-at-home mom, or someone ready to try something new to feel better, we are the perfect studio for you!

Q: I’m new to Pilates. What is the best option for me?

We recommend the new client package which gives you a great taste of what our studio has to offer.  Also attending any or our mat classes would be a great way to try Pilates for the first time.


Q: How do I sign up for classes?


Create an account here by signing up for classes on MINDBODY or better yet, get the app for your iPhone or Android and look up "WheelHouse Pilates." You may purchase all classes, group equipment classes and private sessions online. You must email or call us to set up your private Pilates session.


Q: What is the difference between the mat classes and Group Equipment classes?


Mat classes consist of Pilates mat work with props like the magic circle and foam roller. There are up to 8 people in these classes. Group Equipment classes are on the STOTT PILATES V2 Max. There are only 4 participants per class and each person gets undivided attention and their own reformer.


Q: Is there an expiration date?


Yes, We ask that you commit yourself to your practice and benefiting from the trainings in a timely manner..  All private, semi-private and group class packages have a different expiration date depending on the size of the package.


Q: What do I wear?


Socks are a must of any equipment class! We have Toesox™ which are available for purchase.  We recommend form-fitted pants and tops so your instructor can see how your body moves and provide appropriate cues. Men may were comfortable pant or a tight fitted short under a looser fit.


Q: What if I am waitlisted for a class?


Because we limit our class sizes you may be waitlisted so we recommend signing up for your classes as soon as possible to reserve your spot.  If the class is full, your name will be placed on a waiting list. If there is a cancellation you will receive and email or text saying you made it into the class.

Q: I bought a package but I cannot book a class?


When you purchase a package, the system will set the start date for the first class you schedule. If you go back and try to schedule a earlier class, the system will not let you book it. If this happens to you, cancel yourself out of class you scheduled earlier and then book the class you want to start with and go from there. Be sure to note that Group mat and Group Equipment have different pricing options.


Q: What is your cancellation policy?


We require a 12 hour cancellation policy. if you need to cancel a class or private session please allow 8 hour notice to your instructor. This will give someone else the chance to workout in your place. if you cancel less than 8 hours, you will be charged the full amount of the session missed.


Q: How many classes should I take a week?

To see maximum results we recommend one private session and at least 2 classes a week to suite your needs. But we understand this is not possible or feasible for everyone. So even joining in class or a private once a week would be very beneficial combined with your current fitness regimen.


Q: Can I purchase a gift certificate?


Yes you can! And you can purchase it online and the recipient will receive your gift card via email. OR you can purchase in the studio if you’d like a paper gift certificate to give them.


Q: What should I bring?


As always, grippy socks if you have them. Other than that just your smiling happy face because you’ll be so happy to be here when you arrive. We have water if you need it, coffee if you need it, a bakery next door if you need it and a hug if you need it! See you at the WheelHOUSE!

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